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Solve problems related to force, mass and acceleration.
Solve problems related to Fourier number dimensionless value, heat transfer and conduction, thermal diffusivity, characteristic time and length.
Solves various equations related to fuel efficiency, economy, price, mile per gallon (MPG), mileage, gasoline, petrol and diesel. Calculate the amount and cost of fuel needed to travel a specified distance . In addition, analyze the differences between two automobiles.
Solves problems related to French drains, seepage rate or flow per foot of trench, permeability, area normal to flow per foot of trench and flow line slope.
Solve investment problems related to gain on sale, selling price and adjusted basis.
Solve problems related to gears, transfer cases, transmissions, axles, differentials, aspect ratio, effective and crawl ratios, speed (MPH), tire radius, rim diameter, rotation velocity (RPM).
Solve problems related to geotextile, permittivity, normal and plane hydraulic conductivity, transmissivity and fabric thickness.
Solves problems related to Newton's law of gravity, universal gravitational constant, mass, force, satellite orbit period, planet mass, satellite mean orbital radius, acceleration, critical speed, escape speed, radius from planet center and Kepler's third law.
Solves problems related to GDP, consumption, investment, government spending, imports and exports.
Solves financial problems related to gross operating income, effective gross income, gross scheduled income and vacancy and credit loss.
Solves financial problems related to gross rent multiplier, market value, gross scheduled income, land, building and residential, industrial and commercial investment property.
Solves problems related to curb type gutters, capture flow rate, carry over, bypass, roadway cross slope, longitudinal slope, flow width, Manning's coefficient, openings, inlets, interception capacity, slotted pipe drain inlets, orifices, grate perimeter, weirs, carryover and efficiency.
Solves problems related to hardness testing, Brinell hardness number, load, gauges, steel ball diameter and depression diameter.
Solve for any variable in the Hazen Williams equation. Variables include flow rate, discharge, mean velocity, pipe diameter, hydraulic radius, hydraulic grade line slope and friction coefficient.
Solves problems related to heart rate reserve, maximum heart rate, sensors, standard and Karvonen target heart rate and resting heart rate.
Solves problems related to heat index, dry bulb temperature, relative humidity, heat stroke, heat cramps and heat exhaustion.
Solutions for force, spring force constant, distance from equilibrium, potential energy, spring stretch length and spring equilibrium position.
Solves various equations related to horsepower. Solve for horsepower, torque, power to weight ratio, and revolutions per minute(rpm). Determine engine and motor performance using the ET and trap-speed methods. Calculate changes in horsepower when after market or performance parts have been added to a vehicle. Determine dyno correction factor. Correct horsepower for normally aspirated internal combustion engines to a standard humidity, pressure and temperature after a dynamometer measurement.
Estimate engine or motor horsepower given elapsed time of a quarter mile run and vehicle weight. Calculation include a plot of horsepower versus time.
Estimate engine horsepower given trap speed velocity at the end of a quarter mile run or drag race and car or vehicle weight. Calculation include a graph of horsepower versus velocity.
Medical calculator for solving the surface area of a human. Doctors and physicians use this calculator to determine medicine and medication doses and cardiac index.
Solve equations related to hydraulic radius, area of section flow, wetted perimeter, mean depth, top water surface width, Froude number, flow velocity, acceleration of gravity, circular segment, central angle, partially, fully and half filled pipe, and arc length.
Solve problems related to the ideal or perfect gas law equation, mole, temperature, volume, pressure, specific gas constant and density.
Solve problems related to completely mixed reactors, continuously stirred tanks, step input, pulse input, reactors in series, concentration, volume, flow rate, and theoretical mean residence time.
Solve problems related to IEEE 754 binary floating point numbers. The calculator shows the conversion of a 32 bit word to a decimal value. It calculates the sign, exponent, fraction, biasing and mantissa. In addition, it determines if the word is normalized or de-normalized.
Solve for impulse, momentum, mass, velocity change, force and time change.
Solve problems related to inductors, wire coil number of turns, coil material permeability, coil area, average coil length, flat spiral air core and inductance.
Solves problems related to inflation rate, consumer price index CPI of this and last year, real interest rate and nominal interest rate.
Solves various interest related equations. Includes computations for compound interest, simple interest, annual percentage rates (APR), installment loans and regular deposits.
Solve computations related to kinetic energy, mass and velocity.
Solve problems related to Knudsen number, mean free path, representative physical length scale, statistical mechanics and continuum mechanics.
Solves problems related to Lewis number, mass and thermal diffusivity, heat transfer and mass transfer.
Solves problems related to lightning strike distance, the speed of sound, elapsed time between seeing the flash and hearing the thunder, weather and meteorology.
Solves problems related to lines, the slope intercept line function, distance, x and y.
Solves for the unknown value in linear interpolation for use with numeric charts, data and tables.
Solves various logarithm related equations, formulas and functions. Includes computations for log in any base and calculations in base 2.
Calculate monthly payment, interest, principal, amortization tables and loan balance for automobile, boat, car, motorcycle, recreational vehicle (RV), house, furniture and truck credit loans.
Solve problems related to loan to value ratio, loan amount, property appraised value and actual selling price.
Solves problems related to Mach number, speed of sound, object velocity, subsonic, supersonic, hypersonic, transonic, high speed fluid mechanics and dimensionless values.
Solve for flow velocity, roughness coefficient, hydraulic radius and energy grade line slope.
Solves problems related to CT value constant, disinfectant concentration and contact time to achieve percentage of bacteria or virus inactivation.
Solve problems related to bacteria specific growth rate, maximum specific growth rate, saturation constant, half velocity constant, growth limiting substrate concentration.
Solve for any variable in the minor loss equation. Variables include closed conduit energy loss coefficient, velocity and head loss. K values for butterfly valves, check valves, gate valves, globes valves, elbows, entrances, and outlets are included.
Solves problems related to propeller, turbine, paddle, static and pneumatic mixers, laminar and turbulent flow, Reynolds number, power requirement, dissipated power, headloss, water specific weight, flowrate, fluid dynamic viscosity and liquid mass density, rotation speed, atmospheric pressure, air volume, discharge point air pressure, and impeller diameter.
Solves problems related to moment, force and lever arm length.
Solves problems related to home mortgages, house loans, monthly payment, principal, interest, early payoff date, savings from extra payments and loan balance.
Solves problems related to cost of one point, mortgage loan amount, cost of points paid and number of points.
Solves problems related to the natural log (ln) equation.
Solve financial problems related to net income multiplier and capitalization rate.
Solve financial problems related to net operating income, gross operating income and operating expenses.
Solve for any variable in Newton's second law of motion equation. Variables include net force, mass and acceleration.
Solve for problems related to Nusselt number dimensionless value, heat transfer, thermal conductivity, convection heat transfer coefficient and characteristic length.

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