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Did you get a wage increase/decrease, new job, promotion or cost of living increase? Use this calculator to determine, double check or verify your new pay rate.
This app calculates your final or post raise pay rate. Inputs include the old pay rate and the raise as a percentage. For flexibility, various pay periods can be selected. Lastly, the weekly hours worked can be updated for individuals and employees who do not work a standard 40 hour week.
A pay raise, also known as a salary increase, is a financial reward given to an employee by their employer. It signifies an increase in the amount of money an individual receives for their work, often due to exceptional performance, increased experience, or changes in the cost of living. Pay raises are essential for boosting employee morale and satisfaction, retaining top talent, and maintaining competitiveness in the job market. We will delve into the importance, types, negotiation strategies, and potential pitfalls related to pay raises.

The Importance of Pay Raises

Pay raises are essential for several reasons:

How to Calculate a Pay Raise

Calculating a pay raise involves determining the percentage increase and applying it to the current salary. Here's a simple formula:
New Salary = Current Salary + (Current Salary * Percentage Increase)
For example, if your current salary is $50,000 and you receive a 5% raise, the calculation would be:
New Salary = $50,000 + ($50,000 * 0.05) = $50,000 + $2,500 = $52,500

Types of Pay Raises

There are several types of pay raises, each serving different purposes and based on various factors:

Strategies for Negotiating a Pay Raise

When seeking a pay raise, it's essential to approach the negotiation process with preparation and confidence. Here are some tips for effectively negotiating a salary increase:text

Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Negotiating a Pay Raise

When are Pay Raises Given Out

Pay raises can be given out at various times, depending on company policies and employee performance. Typical times for pay raises include:

Salary vs. Hourly Pay

Two common types of compensation are salary and hourly pay:

Salary Increase and Taxes

A salary increase can impact your taxes in several ways:

Calculation Instructions:

  1. Enter the before raise pay rate.
  2. Select the pay period.
  3. Enter the raise as a percentage (%).
  4. In necessary, update the number of hours worked per week.
  1. If you are paid $30.25 per hour, enter 30.25 in the Before Raise Pay Rate edit box and select hour in Pay Is By combo box.
  2. If you are paid $50,000 per year, enter 50000 in the Before Raise Pay Rate edit box and select year in Pay Is By combo box.
  1. Overtime pay rates (time and a half or double time) are not incorporated into this app. This app uses base pay rates.
  2. The solutions and graphs are automatically update whenever any inputs is updated or changed.
  3. This web app assumes a year contains 52 weeks.


Parameter Unit Type Unit Used Description
Before Raise Pay Rate Currency Dollars This is the pay rate before the raise or the old pay rate.
Pay Is By Time Hour, week, month, bi-week, semi-month and year. The period for the pay rate.
Raise Percentage Percentage Percent (%) The increase in compensation as a percentage. For a decrease or reduction in pay, a negative percentage can be entered.
Weekly Hours Time Hours The number of hours worked per week. Note, this calculator does not adjust for overtime rates.


Parameter Unit Type Unit Used Description
Before and After Raise Table/Grid Currency Dollars This table displays equivalent pay rates for other time periods.
Yearly Pay Comparison Chart/Graph Not applicable Not applicable Visual display using a bar chart of the before and after yearly pay rates.


Use this calculator at your own risk. This calculator may or may not be accurate or reliable. By using this calculator you acknowledge any reliance on this calculator shall be at your sole risk.

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