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Fluid Mechanics Equations Calculator

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Solve problems related to flow meters, average axial velocity of water flow, sensors, acoustic signal upstream and downstream travel time, acoustic path length between transducer faces and angle between acoustic path and the pipe's longitudinal axis.
Online script for solving any variable in the Bernoulli Theorem equation. Solve for head loss, static head, elevation, pressure energy, velocity energy, density and acceleration of gravity. Assists in the computations for leak discharge, pipe networks, tanks, sluice gates, weirs, pilot tubes, nozzles and open channel flow. The flow is assumed to be streamline, steady state, inviscid and incompressible.
Solve problems related to Cauchy value, flow velocity, bulk modulus of elasticity and density.
Solve problems related to cavitation number, local pressure, fluid vapor pressure, fluid density and characteristic flow velocity.
Solve problems related to Chezy equation, flow velocity, Chezy coefficient, roughness coefficient, hydraulic radius and conduit slope.
Solve problems related to Colebrook equation, turbulent flow, Darcy friction factor, absolute roughness and Reynolds number.
Solve for flow rate, area and velocity in the continuity equation.
Online solver for any variable in the Darcy-Weisbach equation. Solve for head loss, friction factor, pipe diameter, pipe length, flow velocity and acceleration of gravity
Solve problems related to flow rate, hydraulic conductivity, hydraulic gradient, solids volume, saturated soil phase diagram, flow cross sectional area, darcy velocity or flux, seepage velocity, voids effective cross sectional area, flow gross cross sectional area, pressure head, solids, porosity, void ratio and length of column.
Solve for any variable in density equation. Variables include density, mass and volume.
Solve problems related to Euler number dimensionless value, fluid dynamics, pressure change, density and characteristic flow velocity.
Solve for different variables related to force, area, bulk modulus, compressibility, change in volume, fluid column top and bottom pressure, density, acceleration of gravity, depth, height, absolute, atmospheric and gauge pressure.
Solves problems related to Newton's law of gravity, universal gravitational constant, mass, force, satellite orbit period, planet mass, satellite mean orbital radius, acceleration, critical speed, escape speed, radius from planet center and Kepler's third law.
Solve for any variable in the Hazen Williams equation. Variables include flow rate, discharge, mean velocity, pipe diameter, hydraulic radius, hydraulic grade line slope and friction coefficient.
Solve equations related to hydraulic radius, area of section flow, wetted perimeter, mean depth, top water surface width, Froude number, flow velocity, acceleration of gravity, circular segment, central angle, partially, fully and half filled pipe, and arc length.
Solves problems related to Mach number, speed of sound, object velocity, subsonic, supersonic, hypersonic, transonic, high speed fluid mechanics and dimensionless values.
Solve for flow velocity, roughness coefficient, hydraulic radius and energy grade line slope.
Solve for any variable in the minor loss equation. Variables include closed conduit energy loss coefficient, velocity and head loss. K values for butterfly valves, check valves, gate valves, globes valves, elbows, entrances, and outlets are included.
Solves problems related to orifices, flow rate, discharge coefficient, orifice area, gravitational constant and center line head.
Solves problems related to Parshall flumes, flow rate, upstream depth and throat section width.
Solve problems related to permeameters, permeability coefficient, porous material flow rate, cross sectional area, pressure head change and length change.
Online Java program for solving Type I, II and III pipe fluid flow fluid mechanics problems using Swamee & Jain, Darcy-Weisbach, Colebrook and Hazen-Williams equations. Solve for flow rate, head loss, friction factor and diameter of a pipe.
Solves problems related to Prandtl dimensionless value, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, diffusion of heat and momentum, kinematic viscosity and thermal diffusivity.
Solve for different variables related to force, area, bulk modulus, compressibility, change in volume, fluid column top and bottom pressure, density, acceleration of gravity, depth, height, absolute, atmospheric and gauge pressure.
Solve problems related to cavitation, net positive suction head (NPSH), liquid velocity, impeller centerline inlet pressure, vapor pressure, specific weight of fluid, gravity, pump discharge, total head, pump efficiency, water horsepower and brake horsepower.
PHP script for solving any of the variable in the Reynolds Number equation to analyze laminar, turbulent, and transitional flow. Reynold's Number analyzes the proportion of inertia and viscous force hydraulic effect. Variables include Reynolds Number, density, velocity, characteristic length and viscosity.
Solve problems related to Schmidt number dimensionless values, fluid mechanics, mass transfer, kinematic viscosity and mass diffusivity.
Solve problems related to terminal, fall, and settling velocity, particle diameter and density, density and viscosity of medium (e.g. water, air, oil) and acceleration of gravity.
Solves problems related to thermometers , Fahrenheit, Celsius and Kelvin.
Solves problems related to time of concentration, Izzard, Kirby, Kirpich, Kinematic wave, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Bransby Williams, watershed area, channel length, watershed lag time, watershed hydraulic length, potential water shed storage, average watershed slope, travel length, overland flow distance, rainfall intensity, slope, retardance roughness coefficient, Manning's overland flow roughness coefficient, average overland flow path slope and flow length.
Solve problems related to Darcy's law for pumping occurring through the center of a cylinder, coefficient of permeability, pressure head at observation wells and extraction wells, radius, drawdown and cone of depression.
Online software for computing flow rate measurement and pressure differential using the Bernoulli equation for a Venturi gauge device.
Solves problems related to water hammer maximum surge pressure, pressure wave velocity, fluid velocity change, acceleration of gravity, pressure increase, upstream pipe length, valve closing time, inlet pressure and unit weight of fluid.
Solves problems related to weber number, fluid mechanics, dimensionless value, density, velocity, characteristic length and surface tension force.

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