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Solves solutions related to linear expansion coefficient, volume expansion coefficient, length and temperature change.
Solves problems related to thrust blocks, required area, force and allowable soil bearing pressure.
Solves problems related to threshold odor number, volume of odor causing sample and volume of odor free water.
Solves problems related to time of concentration, Izzard, Kirby, Kirpich, Kinematic wave, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Bransby Williams, watershed area, channel length, watershed lag time, watershed hydraulic length, potential water shed storage, average watershed slope, travel length, overland flow distance, rainfall intensity, slope, retardance roughness coefficient, Manning's overland flow roughness coefficient, sensors, average overland flow path slope and flow length.
Solve problems related to tire size, wheel, rim, aspect ratio, width, circumference, diameter, speed, sidewall and speedometer reading.
Solves equations in relation to torque, force and distance or length.
Solves problems related to cosine (cos), sine (sin), tangent (tan), inverse cosine (arccos), inverse sine (arcsin), inverse tangent (arctan), cotangent (cot), secant (sec) and cosecant (csc).
Solve problems related to trommel screen critical speed, acceleration of gravity, drum radius, cascading, cataracting and centrifuging.
Solve problems related to ultra-filtration membranes, membrane pressure differential, water flux, membrane and gel layer resistance and osmotic pressure differential.
Solve problems related to Darcy's law for pumping occurring through the center of a cylinder, coefficient of permeability, pressure head at observation wells and extraction wells, radius, drawdown and cone of depression.
Solve problems related to unconstrained pipe expansion and contraction, restrained and anchored pipe, stress, short term modulus of elasticity, length change, thermal expansion coefficient, temperature change and ABS, aluminum, ductile iron, HDPE, PVC and steel pipes.
Convert between acceleration units.
Convert between area units.
Convert between density units.
Convert between force units.
Convert between length units.
Convert between mass units.
Convert between power units.
Convert between radiant flux units.
Convert between speed units.
Temperature conversion between Fahrenheit, Celsius and Kelvin and Rankin units. Includes plots and graphs between each of the unit types.
Convert between time units.
Convert between velocity units.
Convert between volume units.
Convert between weight units.
Online Java freeware software for converting area, energy, force, mass, power, pressure, speed, time, and volume between different unit measurements.
Solves financial problems related to vacancy and credit loss, estimated percentage, gross scheduled income and residential, industrial, land, building and commercial investment property.
Online software for computing flow rate measurement and pressure differential using the Bernoulli equation for a Venturi gauge device.
Solve problems related to venturi scrubbers, pressure drop, gas velocity and water to gas volume ratio.
Solves problems related to water hammer maximum surge pressure, pressure wave velocity, fluid velocity change, acceleration of gravity, pressure increase, upstream pipe length, valve closing time, inlet pressure and unit weight of fluid.
Solves problems related to saturated water vapor pressure, boiling point, Antoine equation, steam and temperature.
Rich internet application of the water vapor calculator. This version includes a pressure versus temperature graph.
Solves problems related to bar rack headloss, flow velocity through the openings, upstream velocity, acceleration of gravity, fine screen headloss, flow rate or discharge, submerged effective area and discharge coefficient.
Solves problems related to weber number, fluid mechanics, dimensionless value, density, velocity, characteristic length and surface tension force.
Determine the your gross paycheck for the week. Includes various pay types such as regular, time and half, double and triple time, straight time and professional time. Site relates to earnings, career and payroll.
Solves problems related to weight, mass and gravity.
Solves problems related to basal metabolic rate (BMR), total daily energy expenditure (TDEE), body mass index (BMI), age, height, weight, body fat percentage and lean body mass. Solutions for both men and women. Exercise activity multipliers include sedentary, diet, weight control, light, moderate, high and extreme for males and females. Solve for percent body fat and lean body mass.
Solves problems related to Wien's displacement constant, blackbody temperature and peak emission wavelength.
Solves problems related to wind chill factor, air temperature and wind velocity or speed.
Solve for any variable in the aircraft or airplane wing lift equation. Variables include airfoil lift force, lift coefficient, air density, surface area and velocity.
Solves problems related to wind power, windmills, renewable energy, clean electricity, green homes, air density, rotor swept area, coefficient of performance, wind velocity, generator efficiency, propellers, blades, and gear box efficiency.
Solve problems related to work, force and distance.
Solves problems related z-Score, standard normal distribution curve and percentile table and chart.
Java Script examples related to the following objects, functions, procedures and methods: Document - domain, images, last Modified, links, referrer, title and URL Date- toGMTString, toLocaleString, getDate, getYear and getDay
PHP software source code relating to percentage interest rate, simple interest, future and present value, single payment compound amount factor (SPCAF) and single payment present worth factor (SPPWF).
PHP software source code relating to array average, integer factorial and logarithm base.
PHP software source code relating to mean, standard deviation, variance, population, binomial coefficient, sample and median.

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