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AJ PHP Software Source Code Statistics Library
Mean - Average

number mean ( number_array )


mean returns the average of a set of numbers.

mean equation

Source Code:

function mean ($a)
  //variable and initializations
  $the_result = 0.0;
  $the_array_sum = array_sum($a); //sum the elements
  $number_of_elements = count($a); //count the number of elements

  //calculate the mean
  $the_result = $the_array_sum / $number_of_elements;

  //return the value
  return $the_result;


include ("ajstatistics.php");
$a[0] = 2.0;
$a[1] = 3.0;
$a[2] = 5.0;

$the_average = mean($a);

echo "a[0] = $a[0]<br>";
echo "a[1] = $a[1]<br>";
echo "a[2] = $a[2]<br>";
echo "the_average = $the_average<br>";


Run Example

binomial coefficient binomial coefficient
mean mean of a set of number
median median of a set of number
standard deviation population standard deviation of a population
standard deviation sample standard deviation of a sample
variance population variance of a population
variance sample variance of a sample

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