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Automobile Tire Wheel Size Comparison and Conversion Calculator

Metric Standard - Car Truck SUV


Parameter Unit Type Units Used Description 
tire width length inch(in) and millimeter(mm) The tires section width , tread width or overall width.
aspect ratio unitless none The sidewall height of the tire as a percentage of width. Also known as series and profile.
tire or wheel
diameter and radius
length inch(in) and millimeter(mm) The diameter or radius of the tire.
tire circumference length inch(in) and millimeter(mm) The length traveled when the tire makes one revolution.
sidewall height length inch(in) and millimeter(mm) The section height or the distance from the rim to the edge of the tire.
speed comparison n/a n/a The chart shows the actual speed of the original tire and upgrade tire if the speedometer has not been calibrated for the change in tire size.

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