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Solve problems related to alternating current electricity, inductive reactance, capacitive inductance, capacitance, frequency and inductance.
Solve problems related to flow meters, gauges and sensors, average axial velocity of water flow, acoustic signal upstream and downstream travel time, acoustic path length between transducer faces and angle between acoustic path and the pipe's longitudinal axis.
Solve problems related to adjusted basis, original basis or purchase price, capital additions, sales cost, cumulative real estate depreciation and cumulative capital improvements depreciation.
Solve problems related to wastewater, sludge volume index, settling volume and suspended solids concentration.
Solve problems related to weight shifts, weight moved, airplane weight, length center of gravity moves and length between arms.
Solve problems related to aluminum pipes, pressure rating, allowable stress, yield strength, wall thickness and outside pipe diameter.
Solve problems related to atmosphere dispersion modeling, plume contaminant concentration at a point in space, ground level concentration, centerline concentration, emission source, effective and physical stack height, plume rise, gas exit speed and heat emission rate, stability parameter conditions, weather station wind speed and elevation, superadiabatic, neutral condition, subadiabatic, downwind direction, standard deviation, measured and average wind speed, gaseous diffusion, and Gaussian model.
Solve problems related to infant, baby, growth charts, plots and graphs, weight, age, sample and birth date.
Solve problems related to bank discount, note maturity value, annual bank discount rate, time in years and band proceeds.
Solve problems related to how long a battery will last, discharge time, current, draw rate, electronics, rechargeable and Peukert number.
Online script for solving any variable in the Bernoulli Theorem equation. Solve for head loss, static head, elevation, pressure energy, velocity energy, density and acceleration of gravity. Assists in the computations for leak discharge, pipe networks, tanks, sensors, sluice gates, weirs, pilot tubes, nozzles and open channel flow. The flow is assumed to be streamline, steady state, inviscid and incompressible.
Solve problems related to BOD, ultimate, seeded and unseeded BOD, deoxygenation rate constant and time.
Solve problems related to Boyle's gas law, pressure, thermodynamics, constants and volume.
Solve problems related to underground aluminum and steel corrugated pipe, pipe design pressure, soil weight pressure, wheel load pressure, internal vacuum pressure, thrust in pipe and ring compression thrust.
Solve problems related to break even ratio, debt service, operating expenses and gross operating income.
Solve problems related to pipe pressure, wall crushing, soil weight pressure, thrust in pipe, outside diameter, wheel load pressure, ring compression thrust, required wall cross sectional area, allowable long term compressive stress and internal vacuum pressure.
Solve problems related to underground aluminum and steel spiral ribbed pipe, metal pipe design pressure, soil weight pressure, wheel load pressure, internal vacuum pressure, thrust in pipe and ring compression thrust.
Solve problems related to film and digital single lens reflex DSLR cameras, DOF, f-stop, photographs, pictures, bokeh, blur, near and far limiting distance, aperture, art, zoom and prime lenses, sharpness, image sensor size, circle of confusion, lens focal length, subject or focus distance and hyperfocal distance.
Determine the slowest hand held or holdable shutter speed using lens focal length and camera crop factor. The site is related to image stabilization, vibration reduction, stops, camera shake, blurred images and tripods.
Solve problems related to capacitance, parallel plate capacitors, stored energy, cylindrical capacitors, permittivity, area, separation distance, conductors, length, diameter, electrical charge, potential difference, volt, energy storage, coulomb and farad.
Solves financial problems related to capitalization rate, gross operating income, value, land, building, cost and residential, industrial and commercial investment property.
Solves financial problems related to cash on cash rate, annual cash flow, equity dividend rate and cash invested.
Determine the age of your cat or kitten in equivalent human years. Determine your animal's age in human lifespan terms.
Solve problems related to Cauchy value, flow velocity, bulk modulus of elasticity and density.
Solve problems related to cavitation number, local pressure, fluid vapor pressure, fluid density and characteristic flow velocity.
Solve problems related to Chezy equation, flow velocity, Chezy coefficient, roughness coefficient, hydraulic radius and conduit slope.
Solve problems related to child, toddler and teen growth charts, percentile plots and graphs, weight, age, sample and birth date.
Solve problems related to circles, math, geometry, diameter, radius, circumference, area, arc, central angle, segment, chord length midpoint and sector.
Solve problems related to centripetal acceleration, velocity, radius, period, orbits and satellites.
Solve problems related to cloud bases, surface temperature and dewpoint.
Solve problems related to Colebrook equation, turbulent flow, Darcy friction factor, absolute roughness and Reynolds number.
Solve problems related to color conversion, red, green, blue, RBG, web colors, graphics design, image processing and color picker.
Financial calculator for comparing or analyzing two loans or mortgages. The calculator is for fixed rate loans based on Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Analysis includes monthly and total payment, interest and principal paid, balance versus time and amortization table calculations. The tool give visual representation of the data using charts, graphs, plots and tables.
Solve problems related to economics, cash flow factors and symbols, discrete compounding, capital recovery, single payment compound amount, single payment present worth, uniform gradient future worth, uniform gradient present worth, inform gradient uniform series, inform series compound amount, uniform series present worth and uniform series sinking fund.
Calculator for converting computer memory size. Devices which use memory are hard drives, RAM, flash and stick drives, CPU and processor cache, video cards and files.
Solve for flow rate, area and velocity in the continuity equation.
Solve problems involving cyclone inlet and radial velocity, particle density, air or gas density, radial distance, rotational velocity, particle diameter, pressure drop, gas flow rate, absolute pressure, temperature, proportionality factor, settling velocity, separation factor, approximate effective turns, inlet height and width, cylinder length, cone length, cut diameter and air gas viscosity.
Online solver for any variable in the Darcy-Weisbach equation. Solve for head loss, friction factor, pipe diameter, pipe length, flow velocity and acceleration of gravity
Solve problems related to flow rate, hydraulic conductivity, hydraulic gradient, solids volume, saturated soil phase diagram, flow cross sectional area, darcy velocity or flux, seepage velocity, voids effective cross sectional area, flow gross cross sectional area, pressure head, solids, porosity, void ratio and length of column.
Solve for problems related to debt coverage ratio, annual net operating income and annual debt service.
Solve for any variable in density equation. Variables include density, mass and volume.
Solve problems related to depreciation basis, salvage value at end of depreciation period, number of years, asset purchase price, constant percentage method, depreciation fraction and straight line method.
Determine the age of your dog or puppy in equivalent human years. See if your pet is old or young in human terms.
Solve problems related to doppler effects wavelength behind and in front of source, doppler radar, wave velocity, source velocity, source frequency, ultrasound, siren, horn, approaching and receding source and receiver.
Solve problems related to ductile iron pipes, net pipe wall thickness, internal pressure, outside pipe diameter, working pressure, maximum surge pressure and yield strength.
Solve problems related to dry adiabatic lapse rates, temperature, altitude, elevation.
Convert between various dynamic viscosity units.
Solve problems related to earned value management, project management, cost performance index, budgeted cost of work performed, actual cost of work performed, schedule performance index, cost variance, schedule variance, variance at completion, budget at completion, estimate at completion and budgeted cost of work scheduled.
Solve problems in relation to Richter scale, earth quake magnitude, amplitude, distance correction factor, seismic moment, rock rigidity, fault area, slip distance and seismograph.
Solve problems in related to Eckert number dimensionless value, specific heat, characteristic flow velocity, dissipation and change in temperature.
Solve problems in related to Einstein's equation, nuclear engineering, mass, speed of light in a vacuum, atomic theory and energy.
Solve problems related to electrodialysis membranes, filtration, purification, current, Faraday's constant, flow rate, solution normality, number of cells, power, voltage, resistance, removal efficiency and current efficiency.
Solve problems related to electrostatic precipitators, collection efficiency, electrodes collecting surface area, gas flow rate and particle drift velocity.
Solve problems related to engine displacement, piston surface area and diameter, single cylinder volume and engine stroke.
Solve problems related to volumetric efficiency , cubic in displacement , air flow rate, compression ratio, piston decks, stroke length, cylinders, head gasket thickness and volume, compression ratio, fuel system injector size and combustion chamber volume.
Solve problems related to Euler number dimensionless value, fluid dynamics, pressure change, density and characteristic flow velocity.
Solve problems related to 2005, 2006 and 2007 income taxes, income range, tax brackets, schedules, single, married filing jointly and file separately, head of household, taxable income and actual tax rate.
Solve problems associated with flocculators, velocity gradient, input and dissipated power, drag coefficient, paddle area, water density, relative paddle velocity, dynamic viscosity and tank volume.
Solve for different variables related to force, area, bulk modulus, compressibility, change in volume, fluid column top and bottom pressure, density, acceleration of gravity, depth, height, absolute, atmospheric and gauge pressure.
Solve problems related to compact fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs, electricity and replacement costs, pollution, greenhouse gasses, bulb life comparison and carbon dioxide.

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