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Solving For Engine Volumetric Efficiency
Engine Volumetric Efficiency


cubic feet per minute (CFM)
cubic inch displacement (CID)
revolutions per minute (RPM)
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cubic feet per minute (CFM)
= 0
= 0
cubic inch displacement (CID)
= 0
= 0
revolutions per minute (RPM)
= 0
= 0


Volumetric Efficiency (VE)

Other Units:

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volumetric efficiency volumetric efficiency
cubic inch displacement cubic inch displacement
cubic inch displacement cubic inch displacement
air flow rate air flow rate
head gasket volume head gasket volume
piston deck volume piston deck volume
compression ratio compression ratio
fuel system injector size per horsepower fuel system injector size per horsepower

VE=volumetric efficiency
CFM=engine air flow rate - cubic feet per minute
CID=engine displacement, size or volume - cubic inches
RPM=engine speed - revolutions per minute
NOC=number of cylinders
HGV=head gasket volume
HGCT=head gasket compressed thickness
PDV=piston deck volume
DPD=deck to piston distance
VPD=volume of piston depressions
VPB=volume of piston bumps
SV=swept volume
CR=compression ratio
CCV=combustion chamber volume
ISH=injector size per horsepower

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