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Solves for any variable in the Ohm's Law equation. Includes computations for electrical resistance (ohms), power (watts), current (amps) and voltage (volt).
Solves related to oil recovery factor, recoverable oil estimate, in place oil estimate, gasoline, gauges, petrol and petroleum.
Solves financial problems related to operating expense ratio, operating expense and gross operating income.
Solves problems related to orifices, flow rate, discharge coefficient, orifice area, sensors, gravitational constant and center line head.
Calculate overtime hourly pay rates given normal or standard pay rate. Calculates time and a half, double, triple and quadruple overtime pay rates. Page is related to payroll, work and career.
Solves problems related to Parshall flumes, flow rate, upstream depth and throat section width.
Solves problems related to Peclet dimensionless value, velocity, density, heat capacity, heat transfer conduction and convection, characteristic length and thermal conductivity.
Solves problems related to simple and physical pendulums, period, time, center of mass, moment of inertia, distance, pivot, acceleration of gravity and length.
Solve for percent difference given two measured values.
Solve for percent error given actual, measured, true, experimental and observed values. The calculator allows for the calculation of any variable in the equation. Also, it takes into account the absolute value.
Rich internet application (RIA) version of the percent error calculator.
Shopping and savings calculator solving for percent off given the sale or discount price and the original or full retail cost.
Rich internet application (RIA) version of the percent off discount calculator.
Solve for percent yield given actual yield and theoretical yield. This is commonly used in chemistry to measure reactions.
Solve problems related to permeameters, permeability coefficient, porous material flow rate, cross sectional area, pressure head change and length change.
Online Java program for solving Type I, II and III pipe fluid flow fluid mechanics problems using Swamee & Jain, Darcy-Weisbach, Colebrook and Hazen-Williams equations. Solve for flow rate, head loss, friction factor and diameter of a pipe.
Solves problems related to hydrostatic pressure loads, external hydrostatic pressure, water unit weight and height of water above pipe top.
Solves problems related to soil pressure loads, soil weight pressure, soil unit weight, height of water above pipe top, water buoyancy factor, soil load per linear length of pipe, soil prism load theory, groundwater, outside pipe diameter and height from pipe top to ground surface.
Solves problems related to vacuum pressure loads, load per linear length of pipe, internal vacuum pressure, valve closures, shutoff pump, siphon and inside pipe diameter.
Solves problems related to wheel or track load per linear length of pipe, underground pipes, vehicular loads, surface wheel load, impact factor, ground surface height above pipe top, outside diameter, pressure distribution, metal pipe, pipe wall thickness, pressure on pipe and fill depth.
Solves problems related to plastic pipes, AWWA C900 pipe, surge pressure, instantaneous velocity change, pressure rating and class, hydrostatic design stress, outside and inside diameter dimension ratio, short term pressure rating and strength, hoop strength, quick burst pressure and safety factor.
Solves problems related to potential energy, mass, acceleration of gravity and height.
Solves for variables related to power, force, time, displacement and velocity.
Solves problems related to Prandtl dimensionless value, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, diffusion of heat and momentum, kinematic viscosity and thermal diffusivity.
Solves problems related to present worth or value, future worth or value, interest rate, number of years and annual payment or cost.
Solves financial problems related to profitability index, present value of future cash flows, initial cash investment, profit investment ratio and value investment ratio, land, building and residential, industrial and commercial investment property.
Script solver for the quadratic equation. Calculates the variable x in the polynomial expression of degree 2, ax2+bx+c=0. Solves the x intercepts of a parabola.
Generate mobile phone barcodes or two dimensional codes. This is related to smart phones, tablets, cameras, email, text message, business cards, contacts and scanners.
Solves solutions in relationship to nuclei, nuclear reactions, half life time, disintegration constant, becquerels, curie, Avogadro's number, equivalent radiation dose, damage, absorbed dose, radionuclide, ionizing activity, atomic weight, quality factor, roentgen equivalent man (rem), rad, sievert and gray.
Solves problems related to rainwater harvesting, system efficiency, rainfall harvest, catchment, tent or roof area, rain amount, drinking water, irrigation, aquifer recharge, drought and barrels.
Solves problems related to relative humidity, actual vapor pressure, dew point temperature and saturated vapor pressure.
Solves problems related to tipping, etiquette, bill total, tip amount, food, lunch, dinner, breakfast, waiter, waitress and service and tip percent.
Solves problems related to return on equity, cash flow after taxes, initial cash investment, resale value and mortgage balance.
Solve problems related to reverse osmosis membranes, osmotic pressure and coefficient, number of ions per molecule, concentration, universal gas constant, temperature, rejection, influent feed and effluent permeate concentration, water flux, membrane diffusivity of water, molar volume, thickness, pressure differential and salt flux, solute flux.
Solves problems related to Reynolds Number, turbulent, laminar and transitional flow, density, pipe diameter, characteristic length, absolute dynamic viscosity and flow velocity.
Solves problems related to relative risk, standard mortality ratio, carcinogen exposure, cancer probability, individuals, carcinogenic risk, chronic daily intake, carcinogen slope factor, hazard index, reference dose, contact rate, duration, averaging time, retention rate, bloodstream absorption, administered, intake dose, fugitive dust and population.
Solves problems related to the Rule of 72, annual interest rate, years to double money and investments.
Calculate sales tax when purchasing goods or services. Includes the total price after sales tax is added to the item price.
Solve problems related to Schmidt number dimensionless values, fluid mechanics, mass transfer, kinematic viscosity and mass diffusivity.
Solve problems related to upper or overburden layer depth, lower or bedrock velocity and intersection point distance.
Solve problems related to Sherwood number, mass transfer coefficient, characteristic length and diffusion coefficient.
Solves problems related to melt depth, melt density, snowpack density, heat capacity and content, latent heat of fusion, liquid water density, cold snowpack water depth equivalent, specific heat, temperature, heat storage change, short wave solar radiation, long wage radiation exchange, air convection, condensation or sublimation, ground conduction, precipitation advection and snow pack depth.
Solve problems related to smooth wall steel pipes, pressure rating, allowable stress, yield strength, wall thickness and outside pipe diameter.
Solve problems related to solid waste moisture content, dry sample weight, landfill top soil layer percolation, precipitation, runoff coefficient, storage, evapotranspiration and wet weight.
Solve problems involving soil resistivity, electrode spacing, voltage at inner electrodes and applied current at the outer electrodes.
Solve problems involving specific gas constant, universal gas constant and molecular weight.
Solves solutions related to buoyancy, Archimedes' principle, specific gravity, air weight, equal volume water weight, submerged weight loss.
Solve problems involving specific volume and density.
Geometry calculator solving for square properties and characteristics. Properties include side and diagonal length, area and perimeter.
Solves problems related to standard deviation, variance, mean, binomial coefficient, median, samples, standard error parameter, sample size, mean value sample estimate, probability theory, data analysis, variability coefficient and populations.
Solve problems related to terminal, fall, and settling velocity, particle diameter and density, density and viscosity of medium (e.g. water, air, oil) and acceleration of gravity.
Solves solutions related to stress, strain, force, sensors, change in length and original length and area.
Solves problems related to coil springs, spring rate constant, torsional or rigidity modulus, wire diameter, number of active coils and mean coil diameter.
Solves problems related to swimming and wading pool water balance, hot tubs, saturation index, temperature, calcium hardness, alkalinity, corrosive, turnover rate, pump flow rate, pool volume and scale forming conditions. It determines if the water is balanced, over saturated or under saturated.
Solves problems related to thermometers , Fahrenheit, Celsius and Kelvin.
Rich internet application (RIA) version or widget of the temperature conversion tool.
Solves problems related to heat transfer rate, heat transport, flux, thermal conductivity constant, temperature differential, distance and length.
Solves problems related to thermal diffusivity, thermal conductivity, volumetric and specific heat capacity and density.

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