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This page provides a calculator to solve the sales tax due for a purchased item. In addition, it will give the total price of the item including tax. The total is the item price plus the sales tax. This calculator can also be use to calculate value added taxes (VAT).


Sales Tax Calculator
Enter Price and Tax Rate
Price of Item ($):
Sales Tax Rate (%):
Enter Values and Press Calculate
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To compute the answer or result perform the following steps:
  1. Enter the price or cost of the item.
  2. Enter the sales tax rate as a percentage. Do not enter in a decimal value.
  3. Press Calculate.
Note: The inputs must be positive numbers. Negative or zero entries will produce an error message.

General Sales Tax Info:

Sales tax or consumption tax is the value percentage of goods, leases or service collected by governments. The collected proceeds are then used to support government services. The revenue is used to provide roads, emergency services, schools and other social services.
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