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Wastewater Water Treatment Systems Formulas

Solving For Velocity Gradient
Velocity Gradient


input power (P)
dynamic viscosity (u)
flocculation tank volume (V)


P = 0    = 0  newton-meter/second
u = 0    = 0  newton-second/meter^2
V = 0    = 0  meter^3


velocity gradient (G)

Other Units:

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flocculator velocity gradient
velocity gradientSolve for velocity gradient
power inputSolve for power input
dynamic viscositySolve for dynamic viscosity
tank volumeSolve for tank volume
flocculator power
dissipated powerSolve for dissipated power
paddle areaSolve for paddle area
drag coefficientSolve for drag coefficient
water densitySolve for water density
relative paddle velocitySolve for relative paddle velocity
G=velocity gradient
P=power input or dissipated
u=dynamic viscosity
C=drag coefficient
p=water density
A=paddle area
v=relative paddle velocity to water

References - Books:
1) P. Aarne Vesilind, J. Jeffrey Peirce and Ruth F. Weiner. 1994. Environmental Engineering. Butterworth Heinemann. 3rd ed.
2) Warren Viessman, Jr, Mark J. Hammer. 1993. Water Supply and Pollution Control. Harper Collins College Publishers. 5th ed.
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