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This page provides a physics calculator to solve the weight equation. The calculator can solve for any of the variables in the formula. The variables include weight, mass and acceleration of gravity. Unit conversions are performed on inputs and solutions.


Weight Equation Calculator
1. Select Variable To Solve:
Solve for weight
Weight equation: weight equals mass multiplied by the acceleration of gravity
Solve for mass
Weight equation arranged to solve for mass: mass equals weight divided by acceleration of gravity
Solve for acceleration of gravity
Weight equation arranged to solve for acceleration of gravity: acceleration of gravity equals weight divided by mass
2. Input/Enter Known Values:
weight (W):
mass (m):
acceleration of gravity (g):
Input Conversion
Solution Other Units

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Weight is a force. It is the force produced by gravity. Typically, it is the downward force produced by a planets gravitation..
The SI unit of weight is the Newton.
Mass is the amount or quantity of matter in an object.
The kilogram is the SI unit of mass.
Acceleration of Gravity:
Acceleration of gravity is how fast an object's velocity changes when it is dropped. This is a result of gravitational force.

Gravitational Acceleration of Different Planets:

Planet Gravity (m/s2)
Earth 9.81
Jupiter 26.0
Mars 3.75
Mercury 3.61
Neptune 13.3
Pluto 0.61
Saturn 11.2
Uranus 10.5
Venus 8.83

Is Body Weight a Mass or Force?

When replying to body weight questions, you give your weight in pounds or kilograms. Pounds and kilograms are units of mass. Therefore, body weight is in mass units.
The typical bathroom scale uses a calibrated spring to take your downward force(weight) and converts it to a mass. If you were to measure yourself on the Moon, the same spring scale would show a much lighter mass. This is due to the fact, the spring is calibrated to Earth's gravitational acceleration. However, a balance scale would be correct on both the Earth and the Moon.

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