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Solving for vehicle power to weight ratio.

vehicle power to weight ratio

This method uses power in horsepower and weight in pounds to determine the power to weight ratio. A car with a high power to weight ratio will accelerate faster than a automobile with a lower value.


vehicle power
vehicle weight


power = 0    = 0  horsepower
weight = 0    = 0  pound


power to weight ratio (horsepower:pounds)

Other Units:

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rotating horsepower
Rotating horsepower Rotating horsepower
Torque Torque
Speed Speed - revolutions per minute (rpm)

estimate engine or motor horse power for cars, trucks and motorcycles
trap speed method Estimate of engine horsepower after a quarter mile run using the trap speed method.
increase in engine horsepower Determine the increase in engine horsepower when an after market modification, race or performance part has been installed with trap speed.
ET method Calculate engine horsepower after a quarter mile run using the ET method.
estimated increase in engine horsepower Compute estimated increase in engine horsepower when an after market, racing upgrade or performance part has been installed with ET.
Dyno correction factor Dyno correction factor. Factor corrects horsepower for normally aspirated internal combustion engine to a standard humidity, pressure and temperature after dynamometer measurement.
vehicles power to weight ratio Calculate a vehicles power to weight ratio. Acceleration is related to the ratio.

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