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Grid Method Multiplication Calculator: Array Box Technique

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This page provides a math calculator to solve grid multiplication. The grid method is also called the gridding, box and array methods. The method is commonly taught as part of the common core math curriculum.
The calculator shows the work and steps needed to get the solution.


Grid Method Multiplication Calculator
1. Enter Numbers To Multiply
Enter Values and Press Calculate

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To compute the answer or result perform the following steps:
1) Enter the first number. This number will be placed on the top row of the table.
2) Enter the second number. This number will be placed on the first column of the array.
3) Press Calculate.
Note, this calculator adds each row into the last column. The last column represents the summation of each row. It then adds the last column to get the answer. Some teachers instruct to simply add all the cells.
Note, the inputs must be positive whole numbers. Negative or zero entries will produce an error message.

Grid Method:

The grid method simplifies the multiplication of two number. It breaks down large and complex problems using the distributive law of algebra. It uses a two dimensional grid or array to break down the problem. The steps are below.
1) For each of the numbers, break down or distribute to represent the top and left cells of the grid. Usually, the slots are represent by powers of 10(1s, 10s, 100s spots). For example, 51 would be represented by 50 (10s spot) in one slot and 3 (1s spot) in another slot.
2) Next fill in the rest of the grid by multiply the broken down numbers. Note, if the numbers are represented by powers of 10, the student will only need to know the multiplication table up to 10.
3) Add the multiplied rows. The numbers to the right of the double arrows show the result of row addition.
4) Add the result of the summed rows.
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