JavaScript Date Object Functions

Java Script Code Examples


Returns an integer set to the date's object day in the week.
0 for Sunday
1 for Monday
2 for Tuesday
3 for Wednesday
4 for Thursday
5 for Friday
6 for Saturday

Example Code
the_date = new Date();
document.write("The current locale time and date is " + the_date.toLocaleString());
document.write("<br><br>The day in week in the date object is " + the_date.getDay());
// -->

Executed code

Change Function

Document Object
domain Returns the server domain name which served the document.
images Returns the images in the document.
lastModified Returns the date the file was last modified.
links Returns the links of the document.
referrer Returns the referrer of the document.
title Returns the title of the document.
URL Returns the the entire URL of the document.

Date Object
getDate Returns an integer set to the date's object day in the month.
getDay Returns an integer set to the date's object day in the week.
getYear Returns a the year of the date object.
toGMTString Returns a string set to the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) or Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
toLocaleString Returns a string set to the current locale time.

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