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Days Between Dates
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Calculator to determine the number of days between two dates. Days between dates can have different meanings depending on the usage. This calculator calculates the number of days by time duration. In addition, it shows calculations for including and excluding the start and end dates. Note, this calculator will round to the nearest whole day. Therefore, days shorter or longer than 24 hours will be calculated as whole day. Some days can be shorter or longer. For example, a time change during day light savings can result in days being 23 or 25 hours. A description of each type is below. The images show how the days are counted in red.
  • By Time Duration - This is the simply the difference between the dates. A day would be considered a jump from one day to another.
    Days between dates by duration
  • Include Start/End - The start and ends dates are counted as a day each. This is commonly used in the travel and hospitality industry. For example, hotels and cruises will include the start and end date in marketing material for the number of days.
    Days between dates by duration
  • Exclude Start/End - Only the days between the dates will be counted. Example, a task can not be worked on the start and end date.
    Days between dates by duration
Determining the number of days between dates has many uses.
  • Determine the total number of days you have been alive. To calculate enter your birthday and the current date.
  • It can be used for event planning. Such events can include weddings, anniversaries, graduations and vacations.
  • Calculate the number of day left to complete a work task or homework assignment.


  1. Enter the start date using the date picker or spinner.
  2. Enter the end date using the date picker or spinner.
  3. Note, the solutions will automatically be updated when either of the input date fields are modified or changed.
Note: If the end date is before the start date, the calculator will still correctly calculate the number of days. In addition, the output solutions will always be positive.


Parameter Unit Type Unit Used Description
Start Date Date NA The beginning of the date range.
End Date Date NA The finish of the date range.


Parameter Unit Type Unit Used Description
By Time Duration Time Days The number of days calculated by subtracting the start end end dates.
Include Start/End Time Days The number of days calculated by counting the start end end dates as one day each.
Exclude Start/End Time Days The number of days calculated by ignoring the start end end dates.
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