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sound pressure level sound pressure level
sound pressure sound pressure
reference pressure reference pressure
sound intensity level sound intensity level
sound intensity sound intensity
reference intensity reference intensity
intensity at a distance from point source intensity at a distance from point source
distance from sound source distance from sound source
power emitted power emitted
wave frequency wave frequency
wave velocity wave velocity
wavelength wavelength
noise pollution level NPL noise pollution level NPL

SPL  =  sound pressure level, decibels (db)
P  =  sound wave pressure, newtons/meter2 
Pref  =  reference pressure or hearing threshold, newton/meter2
IL  =  intensity level, decibel (db) 
I  =  sound intensity, watt
I0  =  reference intensity or least audible sound level, watts
PAV  =  average power, watt
NPL  =  noise pollution level, decibel (db)

- Usually, I0 is set to 10-12 watts
- Usually, Pref is set to 0.00002 newtons/meter2
References - Books:

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2) Tipler, Paul A.. 1995. Physics For Scientists and Engineers. Worth Publishers. 3rd ed.

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