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Biochemical Oxygen Demand Equations and Formulas Calculator
Water Wastewater Sewage Treatment

Solving For Biochemical Oxygen Demand

Biochemical Oxygen Demand

ultimate BOD (L) 
deoxygenation rate constant (k) 
time (t) 


L = 0    = 0  milligram/liter
k = 0    = 0  day^-1
t = 0    = 0  day

biochemical oxygen demand (BODt)  =  HAS NOT BEEN CALCULATED 

Other Units:

Change Equation
Select an equation to solve for a different unknown

biochemical oxygen demand Solve for biochemical oxygen demand
ultimate biochemical oxygen demand Solve for ultimate biochemical oxygen demand
deoxygenation rate constant Solve for deoxygenation rate constant
time Solve for time
seeded biochemical oxygen demand Solve for seeded biochemical oxygen demand
seeded biochemical oxygen demand Solve for seeded biochemical oxygen demand

BOD  =  biochemical oxygen demand
L  =  ultimate biological demand
k  =  deoxygenation rate constant 
t  =  time 
D1  =  initial diluted seeded wastewater dissolved oxygen
D2  =  final diluted seeded wastewater dissolved oxygen
B1  =  initial diluted seed sample DO
B2  =  final diluted seed sample DO
f  =  seed volume ratio 
P  =  wastewater decimal fraction 

References - Books:

Warren Viessman, Jr, Mark J. Hammer. 1993. Water Supply and Pollution Control. Harper Collins College Publishers. 5th ed.

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