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Solving For Effective Gear Ratio

Effective Gear Ratio

old tire diameter
new tire diameter
gear ratio


old tire diameter
= 0
= 0
new tire diameter
= 0
= 0
gear ratio
= 0
= 0


effective gear ratio

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speed speed
rotation velocity rotation velocity
gear ratio gear ratio
tire size - radius tire size - radius
effective gear ratio effective gear ratio
tire size - diameter tire size - diameter
crawl ratio crawl ratio

speed  =  MPH - miles per hour
tire radius, tire diameter, rim diameter  =  inches 
gear ratio  =  if ring and pinion ratio is 4.10:1 use 4.10 
rotation velocity  =  RPM - revolutions per minute 
effective gear ratio  =  determine new gear ratio after a tire size change
crawl ratio  = 

four wheel drive rear axle differential, transfer
case low range and transmission ratios

section width  =  millimeters
aspect ratio  =  unitless

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