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Solve for liquid water density.

liquid water density


heat content (Hc)
latent heat of fusion (Lf)
snowpack water depth equivalent (dw)


heat content (Hc)
= 0
= 0
latent heat of fusion (Lf)
= 0
= 0
snowpack water depth equivalent (dw)
= 0
= 0


liquid water density (ρw)

Other Units:

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depth of snow melt
melt depthmelt depth
snowpack densitysnowpack density
snowpack depthsnow pack depth
melt densitymelt density

heat capacity
heat capacityheat capacity
snowpack densitysnowpack density
snowpack specific heatsnowpack specific heat
snowpack temperaturesnowpack temperature
snowpack depthsnowpack depth

heat content
heat contentheat content
latent heat of fusionlatent heat of fusion
liquid water densityliquid water density
cold snowpack water depth equivalentcold snowpack water depth equivalent

heat storage change
heat storage changeheat storage change
short wave solar radiationshort wave solar radiation
long wave radiation exchangelong wave radiation exchange
air convectionair convection
cold snowpack water depth equivalentcondensation or sublimation
ground conductionground conduction
precipitation advectionprecipitation advection

References - Books:
Martin Wanielista, Robert Kersten and Ron Eaglin. 1997. Hydrology Water Quantity and Quality Control. John Wiley & Sons. 2nd ed.
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