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Solving For Rotation Velocity
Rotation Velocity

tire radius
gear ratio


tire radius
= 0
= 0
= 0
= 0
gear ratio
= 0
= 0


rotation velocity

Other Units:

Change Equation
Select to solve for a different unknown
rotation velocityrotation velocity
gear ratiogear ratio
tire size - radiustire size - radius
effective gear ratioeffective gear ratio
tire size - diametertire size - diameter
crawl ratiocrawl ratio
speed=MPH - miles per hour
tire radius, tire diameter, rim diameter=inches
gear ratio=if ring and pinion ratio is 4.10:1 use 4.10
rotation velocity=RPM - revolutions per minute
effective gear ratio=determine new gear ratio after a tire size change
crawl ratio=

four wheel drive rear axle differential, transfer
case low range and transmission ratios

section width=millimeters
aspect ratio=unitless

References - Books: See 3 and 4 on reference page
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