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Solving for hydraulic radius of a fully, half or partially filled pipe. This calculator will solve steps 1 thru 7 given flow depth and radius.
step solve for flow depth less than pipe radius flow depth greater than pipe radius
pipe with flow depth less than the radius pipe with flow depth greater than the radius
1 circular segment height circular segment height circular segment height
2 central angle central angle central angle
3 circular segment area circular segment area circular segment area
4 arc length arc length arc length
5 flow area flow area flow area
6 wetted perimeter wetted perimeter wetted perimeter
7 hydraulic radius hydraulic radius hydraulic radius


flow depth (d)
pipe radius (r)


flow depth (d)
= 0
= 0
pipe radius (r)
= 0
= 0


hydraulic radius of a pipe (h)

Other Units:

Change Equation
Select to solve for a different unknown
hydraulic radius
hydraulic radiushydraulic radius
area of section flowarea of section flow
wetted perimeterwetted perimeter
hydraulic radius of a pipehydraulic radius of a pipe
mean depth
mean depthmean depth
area of section flowarea of section flow
top water surface widthtop water surface width
Froude number
Froude numberFroude number
flow velocityflow velocity
acceleration of gravityacceleration of gravity
mean depthmean depth

References - Books:
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Lindeburg, Michael R. 1992. Engineer In Training Reference Manual. Professional Publication, Inc. 8th Edition.

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