Soil Load Per Linear Length Of Pipe Equations Formulas Design Calculator

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Solving for pipe outside diameter.

pipe outside diameter


soil load per linear length of pipe (Ws)
soil weight pressure (Ps)


soil load per linear length of pipe (Ws)
= 0
= 0
soil weight pressure (Ps)
= 0
= 0


pipe outside diameter (Do)

Other Units:

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pressure from soil weight
pressure due to soil weightpressure due to soil weight
soil unit weightsoil unit weight
height from pipe top to ground surfaceheight from pipe top to ground surface

water buoyancy factor
water buoyancy factorwater buoyancy factor
height of water above pipe topheight of water above pipe top
height of ground surface above pipe topheight of ground surface above pipe top

soil load per linear length of pipe
soil load per linear length of pipesoil load per linear length of pipe
soil weight pressuresoil weight pressure
pipe outside diameterpipe outside diameter

References - Books:
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