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Solving for rain fall harvest.
rainfall harvest equation


catchment or roof area
amount of rain
collection efficiency


catchment or roof area
= 0
= 0
amount of rain
= 0
= 0
collection efficiency
= 0
= 0


rain fall harvest

Other Units:

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rainfall harvest equation Solve for the volume of water collected from a rain storm. This is the amount of water to be stored in a tank or barrel. This is helpful for system sizing.
rainfall harvest equation arranged to solve for collection area Solve for the area collecting the water or the foot print of the catchment. Common areas are roofs, parking lots, the ground and tents.
rainfall harvest equation arranged to solve for amount of rain Solve for rainfall amount. This is the amount of rain that has fallen in the units of length. For example, the weather man will say "3 inches or rain fell, today.
rainfall harvest equation arranged to solve for system efficiency Solve for the collection efficiency of the rainwater harvesting system. Not all the water will be captured due to system inefficiencies. For example, some of the water gets trapped in the gutters or simply evaporates before reaching the storage container or water barrel. Typical efficiency is 90 percent.

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