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This page provides a math calculator to solve long division. The calculator provides solutions for both remainder and decimal methods. In addition, the work and steps to get the answer are shown in a table.
Method example, the table below shows what to expect for the solution for both methods. The examples uses 5 divided by 2.

Remainder Decimal
2 R 1 2.5


Long Division Calculator
1. Select Method
2. Enter Dividend And Divisor
Enter Values and Press Calculate
Solution Work Shown


To compute the answer or quotient perform the following steps:
1) Select input method.
2) Enter divisor.
3) Enter dividend.
4) Press Calculate.
Note, see below for input restrictions.

Remainder Method:

If any of the following are true an error message will be displayed:
1) Divisor is greater than the dividend.
2) The divisor or dividend is less than 1. This includes zero and negative numbers.
3) The divisor or dividend is missing.

Decimal Method:

If any of the following are true an error message will be displayed:
To following will cause error messages:
1) The divisor is set to zero.
2) The divisor or dividend is missing.
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