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Design software for solving the required calculations for building bandpass, sealed and vented speaker and subwoofer box designs. Build, plan and design your own custom sub boxes and speaker enclosures for home, car, truck, boat and sport utility vehicle applications. (Go to the Subwoofer Index to see more subwoofer related calculators)
Solve problems related to circles, math, geometry, diameter, radius, circumference, area, arc, central angle, segment, chord length midpoint and sector.
Solve problems related to centripetal acceleration, velocity, radius, period, orbits and satellites.
Solve problems related to economics, cash flow factors and symbols, discrete compounding, capital recovery, single payment compound amount, single payment present worth, uniform gradient future worth, uniform gradient present worth, inform gradient uniform series, inform series compound amount, uniform series present worth and uniform series sinking fund.
Online program for calculating various equations related to constant acceleration motion. Calculator includes solutions for initial and final velocity, acceleration, displacement distance and time. Equations can be used for one, two and three dimensional space.
Solve for any variable in density equation. Variables include density, mass and volume.
Solve problems related to earned value management, project management, cost performance index, budgeted cost of work performed, actual cost of work performed, schedule performance index, cost variance, schedule variance, variance at completion, budget at completion, estimate at completion and budgeted cost of work scheduled.
Solve problems related to force, mass and acceleration.
Solve for kinetic friction, static friction, normal force, coefficient, maximum frictional force.
Solve various attributes of shapes and solids. Make calculations for circle, parallelogram, rectangle, square, trapezoid, right circular cone, right circular cylinder, pyramid, rectangular solid, and sphere geometric formulas. Geometry attributes include volume, area, perimeter, surface area, radius, length and circumference.
Solves problems related to Newton's law of gravity, universal gravitational constant, mass, force, satellite orbit period, planet mass, satellite mean orbital radius, acceleration, critical speed, escape speed, radius from planet center and Kepler's third law.
Solves various equations related to horsepower. Solve for horsepower, torque, power to weight ratio, and revolutions per minute(rpm). Determine engine and motor performance using the ET and trap-speed methods. Calculate changes in horsepower when after market or performance parts have been added to a vehicle. Determine dyno correction factor. Correct horsepower for normally aspirated internal combustion engines to a standard humidity, pressure and temperature after a dynamometer measurement.
Solve equations related to hydraulic radius, area of section flow, wetted perimeter, mean depth, top water surface width, Froude number, flow velocity, acceleration of gravity, circular segment, central angle, partially, fully and half filled pipe, and arc length.
Solve any variable in the ideal or perfect gas law equation. Variables include mole, temperature, volume and pressure.
Provides growth chart percentile calculations for infants, babies and children. Charts and graphs include length for age, weight for length, head circumference for age and stature for age.
Solves various interest related equations. Includes computations for compound interest, simple interest, annual percentage rates (APR), installment loans and regular deposits.
Solve computations related to kinetic energy, mass and velocity.
Calculate monthly payment, interest, principal, amortization tables and loan balance for automobile, boat, car, motorcycle, recreational vehicle (RV), house, furniture and truck credit loans.
Solves problems related to lines, the slope intercept line function, distance, x and y.
Solves for the unknown value in linear interpolation for use with numeric charts, data and tables.
Solves problems related to home mortgages, house loans, monthly payment, principal, interest, early payoff date, savings from extra payments and loan balance.
Solves problems related to the natural log (ln) equation.
Solves for any variable in the Ohm's Law equation. Includes computations for electrical resistance (ohms), power (watts), current (amps) and voltage (volt).
Calculate overtime hourly pay rates given normal or standard pay rate. Calculates time and a half, double, triple and quadruple overtime pay rates. Page is related to payroll, work and career.
Solves problems related to potential energy, mass, acceleration of gravity and height.
Solves for variables related to power, force, time, displacement and velocity.
Solves problems related to present worth or value, future worth or value, interest rate, number of years and annual payment or cost.
Solve for different variables related to force, area, bulk modulus, compressibility, change in volume, fluid column top and bottom pressure, density, acceleration of gravity, depth, height, absolute, atmospheric and gauge pressure.
Solves problems related to projectile motion, vertical displacement and velocity, horizontal displacement and velocity, range, projection angle, time and acceleration of gravity. Note, solutions for time include the addition and subtraction of the quadric square root.
Solve problems related to cavitation, net positive suction head (NPSH), liquid velocity, impeller centerline inlet pressure, vapor pressure, specific weight of fluid, gravity, pump discharge, total head, pump efficiency, water horsepower and brake horsepower.
Solves problems related to relative humidity, actual vapor pressure, dew point temperature and saturated vapor pressure.
Solves problems related to salary, wage, pay, jobs, career, economy, payroll, check, labor, money, hour, week, day, year and hourly pay.
Solves problems related to standard deviation, variance, mean, binomial coefficient, median, samples, standard error parameter, sample size, mean value sample estimate, probability theory, data analysis, variability coefficient and populations.
Solves solutions related to stress, strain, force, sensors, change in length and original length and area.
Solves problems related to thermometers , Fahrenheit, Celsius and Kelvin.
Converter to compare different tire sizes. Standard and metric tires are supported. Solve problems related to automobile, car, truck, width, section, aspect ratio, wheel, diameter, circumference, sidewall, height, speed, speedometer and calibration.
Solves equations in relation to torque, force and distance or length.
Solve various attributes of different types of triangles. Triangle types include equilateral, isosceles, right and scalene. Attributes include sides, angles, altitudes, medians, angle bisectors, perimeters, semiperimeters, areas, base, Law of Cosines and Sines, height, radius of circumscribed circles, Pythagorean Theorem, radius of inscribed circles.
Solves problems related to cosine (cos), sine (sin), tangent (tan), inverse cosine (arccos), inverse sine (arcsin), inverse tangent (arctan), cotangent (cot), secant (sec) and cosecant (csc).
Solves problems related to basal metabolic rate (BMR), total daily energy expenditure (TDEE), body mass index (BMI), age, height, weight, body fat percentage and lean body mass. Solutions for both men and women. Exercise activity multipliers include sedentary, diet, weight control, light, moderate, high and extreme for males and females. Solve for percent body fat and lean body mass.
Solve problems related to work, force and distance.

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