Subwoofer Box Enclosure Design Calculator - Sealed Ported Bandpass Closed Vented

Low Frequency Enclosures - Car Audio - Home Theater Sound System

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Parameter Unit Type Description 
Vas volume Volume of air equal to the speakers spring characteristics in liters. This is a Thiele Small specification or parameter.
Qts unitless Total Q of the speaker. This is a Thiele Small specification or parameter.
fs hertz Free air resonance of speaker in Hz. This is a Thiele Small specification or parameter.
Qtc unitless Total Q of the speaker and box . Also known as the total Q of the system.
Pd length Port diameter
# ports unitless Number of ports or vents installed
gain decibel db increase in the system
alignment unitless SBB4: Good response, Large enclosure, Low tuning frequency
QB3: Slightly degraded response, Small enclosure, Lower F3
SC4: Degraded response, Large enclosure, Low tuning frequency
ripple unitless S = 0.5 - Degraded response pronounced ripple
S = 0.6 - Slightly degraded response slight ripple
S = 0.7 - Best transient response no ripple

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